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Weight Training for Women- Beginners Tips!

EVERYBODY should lift weights. Both men and women can benefit massively from regular resistance training. There is definitely a shift in the perception of weight training for women but despite this, relatively few women train regularly and are still riding the cardio wave. Either they fear looking ‘manly’, they just don’t know where to start or they find the weights section of the gym way too intimidating.

Hopefully this quick guide will give you the steps to follow and the confidence to give it a go:

  1. Why do you want to start lifting weights? There are a million potential benefits of resistance training; do you want to compete in a strength sport? Do you want the health benefits of increased muscle and bone strength? Are you recovering from a limiting illness or injury and regaining full physical function? Do you just want to look amazing? Is it for confidence, empowerment and feeling awesome? Whatever your reasons, they are important not only for motivation, but may also dictate the type of training programme you follow.

  2. Technique! Technique! Technique! Proper technique is essential. It doesn’t just play a huge role in injury prevention but also helps you to progress quicker. It’s worth investing the time (and possibly money) at the beginning to learn and drill new movement patterns. This will stop you from reverting to inefficient and possibly dangerous lifting patterns when the load starts to get really challenging.

  3. Have a Plan- Strut in with Confidence! It’s a total myth that everybody is looking at you like you don’t belong there the second you walk into the free weights section as a woman. As long as you have a set plan in your head, and walk in with confidence; nobody will give you a second look. Know what you’re training, the exercises, the techniques and have an idea of the weights and you’ll be fine. If your schedule only allows you to train at peak times in the gym don’t be afraid to ask how many sets somebody has left if you want a piece of equipment; equally never be put off finishing your sets if somebody else wants your piece of kit.

  1. Ignore ‘Bro’ Culture! Flexing in the mirror, grunting, shouting, clanging weights etc. can be really intimidating but you’ll see and hear these things every time you go to the gym. I have had a big guy disturb me in the middle of a session to give me appalling training advice- I can only assume it was to inflate his own ego. Just because somebody looks good doesn’t mean they have a frigging clue what they’re talking about. Listen to your trainer and ignore idiots like that if you ever come across them.

Good luck and most importantly weight training should be fun! If you really don’t know where to start my 4 Week Beginners Weight Training for Women online programme might be for you: One 60-90 minute technique session plus a 4-week personalised basic training programme for you to follow on your own with video exercise demos and my app so you can easily take it anywhere with you! If you never want to step foot in a gym or don’t feel ready yet please consider personal training in my private facility.

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